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How to apply as a company for IRMA Authorization?

The process of obtaining relevant documents based on the law applied to financial institutions is a process that must be followed at all levels. Once the company has obtained the approval of the institutions based on the law, you can start the registration process in IRMA co. by following the procedure provided by law.


Initiation of the IRMA Authorization procedure

Obtaining the relevant documents based on the law, begins the verification process in relation to the documents provided by starting the procedure which meets all the elements required by IRMA co.


Approval or revocation

During the verification process, companies may be required to provide additional documentation to complete their verification and authentication. To have a fast and delay-free process refer to the law which accurately shows the relevant documents.

Prompt action is required until your application is approved or revoked.

Do you want to start a verification process if your company can have a IRMA ID number?

Apply a request to and you will follow the procedure with the relevant department.


The authenticity of the uploaded documents can lead you to criminal liability in case of manipulation!

Responsibility for uploaded documents remains with the applying company!

IRMA strives to be transparent with interested customers, based on your documentation!

The verification procedure lasts from 10 days to 90 business days!

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